Lumber Wrap & Packaging Products

We were the first to develop lumber wrap more than 25 years ago and we continue to lead the way today! We're headquartered in the heart of the Redwood Empire and consequently, our sales team has over 70 years of experience serving the timber industry.

You will find us to be the most knowledgeable, professional, and responsive in the business. If you have a special lumber wrap or packaging need, give us a call - we can customize a solution for you at a price you can afford. Whether it's the thickness of the poly, specialized venting or dispensing requirements, or the amount UVI (Ultraviolet Inhibitor) added, we can make it for you!

We also understand that having the product to you at the right time is crucial to your lumber shipping and storage needs. Our lead times are the shortest in the industry - so we'll have it there when you need it!


Poly Lumber Wrap

Provides maximum protection and is also 100% recyclable

  • Available in Sheeting or a Variety of Bag Options
  • Mono-Extruded and Co-Extruded White/Black or White/Tan
  • Bags Available on Perforated Roll
  • Ultraviolet Inhibitor (UVI) available
  • Customized mil thickness
  • Venting Options
  • Custom Printing Up to 8 Colors

Woven Lumber Wrap

Ideal for Softwood Lumber

  • Available in Sheeting or Pre-Sewn Bags
  • Available in Mono or Co-Extruded
  • White/Black, White/Tan, & Paperback Options
  • 4-Color Custom Printing Available
  • UVI Available
  • Custom Venting Options
  • Custom mil Thickness Available
  • Digital Printing Available

Beam Wrap

For the Unique Protection Requirements of Laminated Beams

  • Heavier Gauge Woven Poly for Extra Protection
  • Available Plain or Custom-Printed (Up to 3 colors)
  • Available in White/Tan or White/Black to Inhibit Mildew
  • Widths up to 144"

Photo-Quality Printing

  • Virtually Any Artwork Can be printed
  • Up to 8 Colors on Poly Lumber Wrap
  • Up to 4 Colors on Woven Lumber Wrap
  • Digital Woven Printing Available to East Coast Customers